Find your focus with personalized Advice and Direction

You don't have to get more work done if you're getting more important work done

Intentional productivity is more than just marking items off your to-do list. It's not even about completing your daily most important task (MIT). It's about creating a business that connects to who you are as a person... and who you want to be.

I could call this 'productivity coaching', but I don't think that's the whole picture. It's something closer to 'business coaching for your life'... or 'life coaching for your business'.

We'll look at ways you can be more productive, but we'll also look at ways you can:

Add some STEAM to your engine

Meaningful progress comes from more than just tools, hacks, and morning routines. We'll look at your complete situation rather than just certain pieces of you life and business.

We'll focus on:

Each of these areas build upon the other. When they are all working together your personal engine comes to life. This doesn't just make you more effective, it creates the space that you need for both your life and your business.

The first step is a commitment to yourself

Chat with me for 30 minutes about the project or goal you're committing to. I'll help you get there in whatever way I can. No expectations, no sales pitch, no one-time offers.

If you want some ongoing guidance and accountability, we'll figure out a something that makes sense. If not, you've already made a strong commitment to being more productive just by discussing it.

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